Mission: At the Intimacy School we have teamed up with therapists, coaches, specialists, teachers, and people with particular experiences and insight to provide information on how to improve your relationships and yourself.

Our goal is to spread love and light and when possible help people release trauma so they can move on to the next part of their journey.

We are doing something that hasn’t been done by combining different practitioners in one place to help people to heal from within. If you are at peace we strive to increase intimacy with your partner and those around you.

We want to help the people that come across our path elevate themselves to move forward and experience the present moment so we can all grow and aid in humanity’s evolution.

The goal is to help:

  • People connect with themselves and their partner via body, mind and spirit.
  • Couple’s avoid divorce and breaking up by increasing the intimacy between the two through communication, a spiritual connection and physical affection (body, mind and spirit).
  • Single people love themselves to prepare for their next relationship (and find the sanity in dating.)
  • All people practice self love and spiritual growth.

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