Review: Frisky Vibrating Anal Plug Trio

Okay, so this is a game-changer! If you are into butt plugs not only are these amazing but they vibrate! Now believe it or not it is my partner who loves these! He, yes he, had a 4-minute orgasm. Yes people, a man having a four-minute orgasm, let me explain.

So I recently introduced anal play in my relationship and my partner has never had such intense orgasms, but this one was mind-blowing. We decided to buy some products online, links will be provided, and when they arrived we went to town. I prepped by putting a condom on the butt plug and coconut oil as lube. I also placed some coconut oil on his penis. I put on a porno so he could watch it while I fluffed him. I started out with a hand job, licking and sucking the penial region. I started to insert the butt plug very slowly.

When he was rock hard I got on top, reverse cowboy, it was amazing! When we were both really into it I pressed the button for the vibrator and he lost it. He was moaning in ecstasy, and he got harder. I was in heaven. After I came I dismounted and started licking his balls. He started jerking off while the butt plug is vibrating, and I am kissing his thighs and rubbing his testicles. I then introduced a second plugin vibrator that I used to stimulate his chest and thighs while he was jerking off. That was stimulation overload, he came so hard, but I did not stop. I kept massaging, licking, and placing the vibrator near his belly and he orgasmed for 4 minutes, convulsing, shaking, and moaning. I loved that I could do that to him.

I wanted to share this story in hopes of bringing couples together through the increase of intimacy by providing the tools and the adventure that brought us unfathomable ecstasy.

By: Mayra Perdomo

Frisky Thrill Trio Anal Plug Set - Pink

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